Music from New Zealand for Two Guitars (CD)

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Jane Curry, Owen Moriarty

Guitar works by New Zealand composers continue to display a richness of imagination and sense of color that makes them intensely attractive to listeners. In 1990 Jack Body wrote African Strings, which transcribed music of the Madagascan valiha tube zither and West African kora harp to captivating effect. John Psathas’ ‘Muisca’ refers to the Chibcha-speaking people of what is now Colombia in music of conversational vitality and driving rhythm. Anthony Ritchie evokes lovers’ dances in Pas de Deux and there is a beautiful arrangement of the famous traditional Maori love song ‘Pokarekare Ana.’

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John Psathas: Muisca (version for 2 guitars)
1. I. Soledad (Solitude)
2. II. Chia
3. III. El Dorado (The Gilded One)

4. Trad. Pōkarekare Ana (arr. M. Pasieczny for 2 guitars)

Jack Body: African Strings
5. I. Valiha I: Ramandriana
6. II. Kora: Chedo
7. III. Valiha II: Samy Fali

Anthony Ritchie: Pas de Deux, Op. 51a
8. I. Prelude
9. II. Au revoir (Goodbye)
10. III. Jeux (Games)
11. IV. Waltz triste (Sad Waltz)
12. V. Epilogue