Twardowski: Violin Concerto (CD)

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Kinga Augustyn, Torun Symphony Orchestra, Mariusz Smolij

Born in Vilnius and a student of Nadia Boulanger, Romuald Twardowski writes music which blends tradition and modernity. His writing for strings is consistently masterful, whether in the lyricism and capricious rhythms of Serenade for string orchestra, or the ‘new simplicity’ of his Violin Concerto. Fantazja hiszpanska (‘Spanish Fantasia’) shows how deeply the composer absorbed flamenco music during a visit to Spain, while Niggunim explores authentic Hassidic Jewish melodies. Capriccio in Blue is a delightful and wholly original salute to George Gershwin.

Award-winning violinist Kinga Augustyn’s playing has been described as ‘stylish and vibrant’ (The Strad). She also appears on other recordings for Naxos, including a release of Polish violin classics about which Fanfare wrote: “she meets the challenge magnificently. Hallmarks of her playing are razor-sharp execution, even in the most taxing technical passages.”

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Fantazja hiszpanska (Spanish Fantasia) (version for violin and orchestra)
1. I. Improvisación
2. II. Danza

Serenade for string orchestra
3. I. Allegro non troppo
4. II. Andante espressivo
5. III. Con brio

Violin Concerto
6. I. Grave - Più mosso
7. II. Andante
8. III. Allegro deciso

9. Niggunim, "Melodies of the Hasidim"

10. Capriccio in Blue, "George Gershwin in memoriam"