Azarashvili: Days Go By - Complete Works for Cello and Piano (CD)

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Alexander Suleiman, Irma Issakadze

Celebrated Georgian composer Vaja Azarashvili is part of the generation that emerged during the Soviet era in the 1960s, becoming one of the country’s most significant pioneers in the idiom of classical music and bringing international recognition to its contemporary musical heritage. Azarashvili’s intensely lyrical musical language is elegantly represented in this collection of his complete works for cello and piano, including his transcriptions of beautiful pieces including the Nocturne, Nostalgie, and the Sentimental Tango in world premiere recordings for these versions.

Azarashvili’s music is performed here by award-winning cellist Alexander Suleiman, whose passion for contemporary music has resulted in numerous collaborations, recordings in the improvised and jazz genres, and premiere recordings of piano trios by An-lun Huang.

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Vaja Azarashvili

1. Cello Sonata No. 1

Cello Sonata No. 2
2. I. Allegro moderato
3. II. Allegro
4. III. Lento
5. IV. Allegro

5 Preludes for cello and piano
6. No. 1. Andantino
7. No. 2. Allegro
8. No. 3. Tempo di valse
9. No. 4. Largo
10. No. 5. Allegro moderato

11. Prelude for cello and piano

12. Nostalgie (version for cello and piano)

13. Nocturne (version for cello and piano)

14. Days go by (arr. A. Suleiman for cello and piano)

15. Sentimental Tango (version for cello and piano)