Bach: St Matthew Passion - Otto (3CD)

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Bachchor Mainz, Bachorchester Mainz, Ralf Otto

Johann Sebastian Bach’s St Matthew Passion is widely recognised as one of the greatest masterpieces in Western sacred music. With its double orchestra and chorus this is a work of enormous proportions in every sense, and Bach was extremely resourceful in treading a fine line between creating the almost operatic spectacle valued by the secular authorities in Leipzig, and the elevated religious atmosphere sought by the clergy. This inspired mix of moving drama and theological discourse led Leonard Bernstein to declare that ‘there is nothing like it in all of music’.

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Bach, J S: St Matthew Passion, BWV244

Christian Rathgeber (tenor), Johannes Hill (bass), Hille Perl (viola da gamba), Jasmin Hörner (soprano), Florian Küppers (bass), Nohad Becker (alto), Petra Morath-Pusinelli (organ), Georg Poplutz (tenor), Matthias Winckhler (bass), Jan Čižmář (lute), Sabine Bauer (harpsichord), Gerhild Romberger (alto), Daniel Ochoa (bass), Julia Kleiter (soprano), Christian Wagner (bass), Daniel Sans (tenor)

Bachchor Mainz, Bachorchester Mainz, Ralf Otto

Recorded: 26 March - 4 April 2018
Recording Venue: Christuskirche, Mainz, Germany