Marko Topchii Guitar Laureate Recital (CD)

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Marko Topchii

Marko Topchii, winner of the 2017 Michele Pittaluga Guitar Competition, has selected a rich and varied repertoire ranging from neo-Romanticism to serialism, each work offering a unique vision of the instrument’s technical and expressive capabilities. Antonio Jose’s Sonata is remarkably inventive, bringing a new language to ancient dance forms, while Frank Martin’s Quatre Pieces breves, written in the same year, offers the flourish and vigor of contemporary harmonic vocabulary. Ronald Dyens’ Libra Sonatine is one of the most virtuosic and brilliant of late 20th-century guitar works. Ukranian-born guitarist Marko Topchii, has been the winner of more than 40 international guitar competitions. He has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Salle Cortot, Yamaha Ginza Hall, and at the Tchaikovsky Hall. He often performs with orchestras, having performed more than ten concertos for guitar and orchestra. He is sponsored by the D’Addario Strings Company and records with a guitar made by Jim Redgate.

Jose, Antonio
Guitar Sonata
1. I. Allegro moderato
2. II. Minueto
3. III. Pavana triste
4. IV. Final

Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario
5. Capriccio diabolico, Op. 85, "Omaggio a Paganini"

Martin, Frank
4 Pièces brèves
6. No. 1. Prélude
7. No. 2. Air
8. No. 3. Plainte
9. No. 4. Comme une gigue

Koshkin, Nikita
Introduction et Vivace
10. Introduction: Lento e rubato molto
11. Vivace

Dyens, Roland
Libra Sonatine
12. I. India
13. II. Largo
14. III. Fuoco