Mendelssohn: Early Piano Music (CD)

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Sergio Monteiro

In addition to his prodigious youthful genius as a composer, Mendelssohn was an exceptionally able pianist. Demonstrating an astonishing level of maturity beyond the composer’s teenage years, this group of rare works is notable for a sequence of piano fugues with an impressive command of counterpoint and chorale harmonization, two sonatas which reveal the dual influences of the Baroque and more contemporary models such as Weber and Hummel, as well as a dashing ‘Prestissimo in F minor’ and a brilliant ‘Vivace in C minor.’ These early piano works are exceptionally rarely recorded. This release will come at the 200th anniversary of the pieces.

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Felix Mendelssohn

  1. Sonata in C Minor: I. Largo-Allegro in C Minor, MWV U13
  2. Sonata in C Minor: II. Adagio in D Major, MWV U15
  3. Sonata in C Minor: III. Presto in C Minor, MWV U17
  4. Piano Sonata in A Minor, MWV U8 I. Allegro molto
  5. Piano Sonata in A Minor, MWV U8 II. Tempo di minuetto
  6. Piano Sonata in A Minor, MWV U8III. Presto
  7. Piano Sonatina in E Major, MWV U35
  8. Andante in D Major, MWV U53
  9. Prestissimo in F Minor, MWV U45
  10. Vivace in C Minor, MWV U52
  11. Fugue in D Minor, MWV U32
  12. Fugue in D Minor, MWV U36
  13. Fugue in B Minor, MWV U37
  14. Fugue in G Minor, MWV U46
  15. Fugue in C-Sharp Minor, MWV U51
  16. Fugue in E-Flat Major, MWV U57