Images Of Brazil - Music for Violin and Piano (CD)

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Francesca Anderegg, Erika Ribeiro

This recording showcases the breadth and variety of Brazilian music by focusing on composers who explore traditional styles and use native forms, such as the bossa nova, chôro, frevo and samba, combined with neo-Romanticism, Modernism and jazz. Looking beyond cultural stereotypes, it includes Camargo Guarnieri’s grandly Romantic Violin Sonata No. 4 and a violin arrangement of one of Villa-Lobos’s most colourful character pieces, alongside contemporary works that explore nature painting, song, and the Carnival – offering an abundance of vibrancy, dance, languorous rhythms and joyful wit.

Critically acclaimed violinist Francesca Anderegg is renowned for delivering insightful accounts of contemporary and classical music. Through her inventive programming, active composer collaborations, and impassioned interpretations, Anderegg has earned praise as a musical explorer of the first order. Based in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian pianist Erika Ribeiro is considered one of the most prominent musicians of her generation. Her knowledge of Brazillian music is complemented by a deep grounding in European repertoire, with a special affinity for Mozart, Beethoven and Ravel.

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Guerra-Peixe: 3 Pieces for Violin and Piano
1. No. 1. Baiao (Dance)
2. No. 2. Reza de defunto (Prayer for the dead)
3. No. 3. Toque je-je (Laughing game)

Guarnieri: Violin Sonata No. 4
4. I. Energico ma espressivo
5. II. Intimo
6. III. Allegro appassionato

Freire: Thres cancoes (Three Songs) (arr. F. Anderegg and E. Ribeiro for violin and piano)
7. Brincando com Theo (Playing with Theo)
8. Freire Copenhague (Copenhagen)
9. Freire Mamulengo

Villa-Lobos: O Martírio dos Insetos (The Martyrdom of Insects) (version for violin and piano)
10. I. A cigarra no Inverno (The Cicada in Winter)
11. II. O Vagalume na Claridade (The Firefly in the Light)
12. III. Mariposa na luz (The Moth Around the Flame)

Aguiar: Meloritmias No. 4
13. I. Allegro
14. II. Lento
15. III. Tempo de Frevo

16. Villani-Côrtes: Águas Claras (Clear Waters)

17. Gnattali: Flor da Noite (Night Flower)