El árbol de la vida - Music from Mexico (CD)

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Pablo Garibay, Orquesta Juvenil Universitaria Eduardo Mata, Gustavo Rivero Weber

The impetus of the Mexican Revolution galvanised the use of indigenous melodies in a new and original wave of musical compositions that loosened dependence on European models. José Moncayo’s infectiously joyful Huapango, one of Mexico’s best-known works is, in its distinct national character, deeply rooted in folk music. Silvestre Revueltas’s La noche de los mayas is a symphonic suite derived from film music that employs Mexican percussion instruments in a vividly inventive way. The process of linking folk influence with classical techniques continues to the present day with Hebert Vázquez’s El árbol de la vida which uses the folk style known as the 'son'.

Mexican guitarist Pablo Garibay has established himself as a leading force on the international classical guitar scene with a repertoire that includes the great guitar concertos, notably those by Rodrigo, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Ponce, and Villa-Lobos. As a concerto soloist, he made his debut with the Orquesta Filarmonica de la Ciudad de Mexico and has since appeared as a soloist with orchestras throughout Europe and the Americas.

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Jose Pablo Moncayo Garcia
1. Huapango

Hebert Vázquez 
2. El Árbol de la Vida

Ricardo Castro
3. Minuetto, Op. 23

Silvestre Revueltas
La noche de los mayas
4. I. Noche de los Mayas
5. II. Noche de Jaranas
6. III. Noches de Yucatán
7. IV. Noches de Encantamiento

Simone Iannarelli
8. Italian Coffee: No. 5. L'Ultimo Caffe Insieme (version for guitar and string orchestra as El Ultimo Café Juntos)