Homs: Music for Guitar and Guitar Duo (CD)

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Alex Garrobe, Jose Antonio Escobar

Joaquim Homs is recognised as the leading pioneer of twelve-tone composition in Spain, but the products of his long life and career were always grounded in romantic expressiveness. On this album of his complete guitar works, French impressionism can be heard in the earliest, Suite d’Homenatges, and the influence of Bartók in Entre dues línies. His atonal works of the 1950s absorbed the spirit of Webern while still communicating Spanish poetic warmth, but his definitive style emerged after the tragically early death of his wife in 1967, with works such as the Soliloquies exploring introspection, concision and silence.

Piano Suite, "Entre dues línies" (version 2) (version for 2 guitars)
1. I. Allegretto 
2. II. Andantino 
3. III. Tempo di vals 
4. IV. Larghetto 
5. V. Andante 
6. VI. Vivace
7. VII. Tempo di marcia 

2 Soliloquies for guitar
8. Soliloqui I
9. Soliloqui II

10. Gèminis I 
11. Soliloqui III for guitar

2 moviments (version for 2 guitars)
12. I. Moderato
13. II. Animato

Suite d'Homenatges
14. I. Homenatge a Debussy 
15. II. Homenatge a Ravel 
16. III. Homenatge a Pedrell 
17. IV. Homenatge a Falla
18. Soliloqui IV for guitar
19. Impromptu for 2 guitars

2 estudis
20. Estudio No. 1 
21. Estudio No. 2

22. Diàleg
23. El Color de les Flors


Alex Garrobe and Jose Antonio Escobar (guitar)