Music for Brass Septet, Vol. 6 (CD)

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Septura head homeward with a recording of British music from the first half of the twentieth century- a golden age in England’s otherwise checkered compositional history, and a period in which brass instruments, in the form of the brass band, established their place at the very heart of British musical culture. From the many composers of the period whose music endures we have chosen four of the finest: iconic works by Elgar, Parry, Finzi and Walton, reimagined for the unique sound of the brass septet. Septura brings together London’s leading players to redefine brass chamber music through the uniquely expressive sound of the brass septet. By creating a canon of transcriptions, arrangements and new commissions for this brand new classical configuration, Septura aims to recast the brass ensemble as a serious artistic medium. Currently ensemble-in-residence at the Royal Academy of Music in London, the group is recording a series of albums for Naxos, each focused on a particular period, genre and set of composers, creating a ‘counter-factual history’ of brass chamber music.

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1. Finzi: 3 Anthems, Op. 27: No. 2. God is Gone Up (arr. M. Knight for brass septet)

Elgar: Serenade for Strings in E Minor, Op. 20 (arr. M. Knight for brass septet)
2. I. Allegro piacevole
3. II. Larghetto
4. III. Allegretto

5. Finzi: Prelude for String Orchestra in F Minor, Op. 25 (arr. S. Cox for brass septet)

Parry: Songs of Farewell (arr. M. Knight for brass septet) (excerpts)
6. No. 1. My soul, there is a country
7. No. 2. I know my soul hath power to know all things
8. No. 3. Never weather - beaten sail
9. No. 4. There is an old belief

10. Finzi: Romance in E-Flat Major for String Orchestra, Op. 11 (arr. S. Cox for brass septet)

Walton: Sonata for Strings (arr. S. Cox for brass septet)
11. I. Allegro
12. II. Presto
13. III. Lento
14. IV. Allegro molto