Romantic Viola Sonatas (CD)

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Hiyoli Togawa, Lilit Grigoryan

The viola established itself as a prominent solo voice in the twentieth century, but the three works here illustrate the instrument’s wide spectrum in chamber music of the nineteenth century. Concluding with a striking series of free variations, Mendelssohn’s Viola Sonata in C minor is notable for its combination of dignified melancholy, exuberance and lightness of texture, culminating in a striking series of free variations. Prague-born Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda’s Six Nocturnes, Op. 186 exemplify the beautifully crafted poetry and lyric features for which he was so admired, while Georges Onslow’s Viola Sonata, arranged from the cello original, is exceptionally elegant and virtuosic.

George Onslow 
Cello Sonata in F Major, Op. 16, No. 1
1. I. Allegro
2. II. Andante
3. III. Allegretto

Felix Mendelssohn
Viola Sonata in C Minor, MWV Q14
4. I. Adagio - Allegro
5. II. Menuetto: Allegro molto
6. III. Andante con Variazioni

Johan Wenzel Kalliwoda
Six Nocturnes, Op. 186
7. Nocturne No. 1: Larghetto
8. Nocturne No. 2: Allegretto ma un poco vivo
9. Nocturne No. 3: Poco adagio
10. Nocturne No. 4: Allegretto, ma un poco vivo
11. Nocturne No. 5: Adagio con molta espressione
12. Nocturne No. 6: Allegro moderato

Hiyoli Togawa (viola), Lilit Grigoryan (piano)