Carlo Domeniconi: Guitar Music (CD)

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Celil Refik Kaya

Carlo Domeniconi’s distinguished career as an internationally renowned guitarist has been paralleled by his prolific output as a composer whose music repeatedly seeks a synthesis between the disparate cultures of East and West. This programme takes us from the evocative Anatolian mystique of Koyunbaba, Domeniconi’s best-loved work for guitar, through vivid impressions of Snow in Istanbul, the Arabian-influenced Taqsim, and a charming visit to Japan through Minyo. Award-winning soloist Celil Refik Kaya concludes with the Don- Quijote-Suite, Domeniconi’s heart-stoppingly expressive distillation of Spain’s most famous narrative.

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Carlo Domeniconi: Koyunbaba, Op. 19
1. I. Moderato
2. II. Mosso 
3. III. Cantabile 
4. IV. Presto 

Carlo Domeniconi: Schnee in Istanbul & Schneeschmelze (Snow in Istanbul - Melting Snow), Op. 51a
5. Schnee in Istanbul (Snow in Istanbul) 
6. Schneeschmelze (Melting Snow) 

7. Âşık Veysel: Uzun İnce bir Yoldayım (arr. C. Refik-Kaya for guitar)

8. Celil Refik-Kaya: Improvisation (Taksim) in makam Hüseyni

9. Carlo Domeniconi: Variationen über ein anatolisches Volkslied (Variations on an Anatolian folk song), Op. 15

10. Carlo Domeniconi: Taqsim, Op. 106 

11. Carlo Domeniconi: Minyo, Variations on a Japanese folk song, Op. 50d 

Carlo Domeniconi: Don Quijote (Don Quixote), Op. 123
12. I. Don Quijote 
13. II. En el reino de la fantasía 
14. III. Aventuras 
15. IV. Revelación y recogimiento 
16. V. Transfiguración y muerte