Guitar Music of Mexico (CD)

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Cecilio Perera

The contemporary guitar music scene of Mexico is a vibrant and active community of composers, many of them concert guitarists themselves. The new generations of composers are creating a fascinating new repertoire which, while rooted in the historical elements of the Mexican musical heritage with its traditional melodies and indigenous folkloric vitality, embraces the sophistication of European compositional techniques. Evocations of period and place can be heard in Oliva’s Images of Yucatán and Gerardo Tamez’s Aires de Son, reminiscent of the music of southern Mexico. There are also personal homages such as award-winning guitarist Perera’s romantic Marina and Helguera’s poignant Un retrato (A Portrait).

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Ernesto Hernández Lunagómez
1. Siena

Julio César Oliva
Imágenes de Yucatán
2. I. Mérida
3. II. Paseo Montejo
4. III. Chichén Itzá

Julio César Oliva, arranger(s)
5. La Ilorona (arr. J.C. Oliva for guitar)

Jorge Ritter
3 Pieces for Guitar
6. No. 1. Rápido 
7. No. 2. Andante 
8. No. 3. Jaleo 

Cecilio Perera
9. Marina

Julio César Oliva
Guitar Sonata para El Final de los Tiempos
10. I. Señales proféticas 
11. II. La gran tribulación 
12. III. Paraíso recobrado

Alfredo Tamayo
Cecilio Perera, arranger(s)
13. Sueño, "Soñó mi mente loca" (arr. C. Perera for guitar)

Cutberto Córdova
14. Mabi

Juan Helguera
15. Un retrato

Gerardo Tamez
Aires de son
16. I. Aire Itsmeño 
17. II. Quedo 
18. III. Son trunco