Guitar Gala Night (CD)

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Amadeus Guitar Duo, Duo Gruber, Maklar

The German-Canadian Amadeus Guitar Duo and South German Duo Gruber & Maklar have known each other for many years from encounters at guitar and music festivals. Their love of varied programming prompted them to devise a concert featuring works for one, two and four guitars. Guitar Gala Night brings together the most beautiful works for guitar solo, duo and quartet in the European and Latin American guitar repertoire in a spirited evening of virtuosic, lyrical and expressive music.

This attractive program joins an eminently collectable series of themed albums from the Amadeus Guitar Duo, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Performing over 80 concerts annually both as a duo and now including repertoire with orchestra, as well as broadcasting both for radio and television, this is a duo with an extensive fan base that eagerly acquires each new release, ensuring a high volume of sales and an enduring popularity. Gruber & Maklar has performed throughout Europe and across the globe. Guitar Review wrote in 2000 that “their technique is spectacular, their musical understanding cannot be overstated, their ensemble with each other is outstanding and… they deserve to be recognized as one of the finest guitar duos in the world.”


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Praetorius: Terpsichore (excerpts) (arr. Los Angeles Guitar Quartet for 4 guitars)
1. Ballet
2. Volte - Bourrée
3. Ballet II
4. Courante - Volta

5. Boccherini: String Quintet in D Major, Op. 40. No. 2, G. 341: III. Fandango (arr. J. Sparks for 4 guitars)

6. Giulian: Variazioni concertanti, Op. 130

Kavanagh: 3 Pieces
7. No. 1. Melissa
8. No. 2. Contemplation
9. No. 3. A la Fueco

10. Falla: La vida breve, Act II: Danse espagnole No. 1 (arr. C. Gruber and P. Maklar for 2 guitars)

Falla: El amor brujo (arr. C. Gruber and P. Maklar for 2 guitars) (excerpts)
11. El círculo mágico
12. Danza ritual del fuego

13. Falla: El sombrero de tres picos, Part II: Danza del molinero (arr. C. Gruber and P. Maklar for 2 guitars)

14. Falla: Borodin In the Steppes of Central Asia (arr. Ippo Tsuboi for 4 guitars)