20th Century Guitar: Domeniconi, Ponce, Britten, Cooperman (CD)

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Dale Kavanagh

Dale Kavanagh is one of the most prominent classical guitarists of her generation. As a soloist and a member of the acclaimed Amadeus Guitar Duo she has performed all over the world and is the dedicatee of numerous compositions. Domeniconi’s Variations are based on a famous Anatolian folk song, while the highly original language of Britten’s evocative Nocturnal has its starting point in a song by John Dowland.

Cooperman’s Walking on Water was inspired by Peter Sellers’ last film Being There, and Ponce’s Folia de España is often considered one of the most magnificent guitar pieces ever written.

Between 1986 and 1988 Canadian-born Dale Kavanagh was a top prizewinner in Spain’s Segovia Competition, Italy’s Gargnano Competition, Switzerland’s Neuchatel Competition, and first and special prizewinner in Finland’s Scandinavian International Guitar Competition. She performs internationally as a soloist and in the Amadeus Guitar Duo with German guitarist Thomas Kirchhoff and has given recitals in more than 70 countries.

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Carlo Domeniconi
Variationen über ein anatolisches Volkslied (Variations on an Anatolian Folk Song), Op. 15
1. Thema
2. Variations 1-5
3. Finale

Manuel Maria Ponce
Diferencias sobre La Folía de España y Fuga (Variations on La Folía de España and Fugue)
4. Thema
5. Variations 1-4
6. Variations 5-10
7. Variations 11-15
8. Variations 16-20
9. Fugue

Benjamin Britten
Nocturnal after John Dowland: Reflections on Come, heavy sleep, Op. 70
10. I. Musingly: Meditativo
11. II. Very agitated: Molto agitato
12. III. Restless: Inquieto
13. IV. Uneasy: Ansioso
14. V. March-like: Quasi una Marchia
15. VI. Dreaming: Sognante
16. VII. Gently rocking: Cullante
17. VIII. Passacaglia: Misurato
18. IX. Slow and quiet: Molto tranquillo

Larry Cooperman
19. Walking on the Water