All Good Things (CD)

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Commotio, Bob Chilcott


Alexander Hawkins (piano),
Sue Greenway (saxophone),
Raphael Mizraki (double bass),
Jon Scott (drums),

Matthew Berry (conductor),
Bob Chilcott (conductor, piano)

Bob Chilcott is one of Britain’s most popular and respected composers and his choral music is performed worldwide. He has always embraced a broad stylistic palette and his writing for voice combined with jazz instrumentation gives these works a sense of vitality and energy. Performed by leading jazz soloists and Commotio, the distinguished promoters of contemporary repertoire, this sequence of brilliant villanelles, folk song arrangements and witty settings reveals once again the breadth of Chilcott’s musical imagination.

Chilcott has enjoyed a lifelong association with choral music, as a composer, conductor, and singer. He was a chorister and choral scholar in the choir of King’s College, Cambridge and for twelve years was a member of the vocal group The King’s Singers. In 1997 he became a full time composer. A Little Jazz Mass, Requiem, and St. John Passion are among a number of works from his prolific output which are performed worldwide. He has written large-scale works, including The Angry Planet, community-based projects, pieces for children, and a significant amount of music for the church. In 2017 Chilcott was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of The Royal School of Church Music.

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Bob Chilcott: Ophelia, Caliban, and Miranda (version for choir, saxophone, double bass, drums and piano)
1. I. River Bride (Ophelia)
2. II. Ariel taught me how to play (Caliban)
3. III. All good things come to an end (Miranda)

4. Marriage to My Lady Poverty 00:04:44

5. Scarborough Fair (arr. B. Chilcott for choir, double bass, drums and piano)

Bob Chilcott
6. The Real of Heart

Bob Chilcott: Jazz Songs of Innocence (version for female voice choir, double bass, drums and piano)
7. I. Piping down the valleys wild
8. II. The Lamb
9. III. The Little Boy Lost / The Little Boy Found
10. IV. The Echoing Green
11. V. The Divine Image

Bob Chilcott
12. Thou, my love, art fair

13. The House of the Rising Sun (arr. B. Chilcott for choir, double bass, drums and piano)

Bob Chilcott
14. Weather Report

Bob Chilcott: Nidaros Jazz Mass (version for choir, double bass, drums and piano)
15. Kyrie
16. Gloria
17. Sanctus
18. Benedictus
19. Agnus Dei

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