Sousa: Wind Band Music, Vol. 18 (CD)

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Trinity Laban Wind Orchestra, Keith Brion

Spanning over 50 years of composition, Volume 18 reveals Sousa to be a master of operetta and the ‘humoresque’ just as much as the marches for which he is still referred the world over. Stag Party depicts a students’ night out via a string of imperishable popular melodies, while Among My Souvenirs sees the song lengthened into a vivid narrative ‘sketch.’ There is also the Incidental Suite from The Charlatan, one of his best-known operettas, and March of the Pan-Americans, Part 2, the national anthem spectacular. Trinity Laban Conservatoire is the UK’s only conservatoire of music and contemporary dance. As a leader in music and contemporary dance education, the conservatoire also provides exciting opportunities for the public to encounter dance and music and access arts health programmes. The staff of the conservatoire deliver unequalled expertise and experience, and their world-class facilities are housed in landmark buildings.

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John Philip Sousa
1. The Merry-merry Chorus
2. The Stag Party
3. Among my Souvenirs

The Charlatan Suite (arr. K. Brion for wind band)
4. I. Social Laws
5. II. The Faithless Knight and the Philosophic Maid
6. III. Golden Cars
7. IV. Mazurka

8. Chris and the Wonderful Lamp: Fanny

March of the Pan-Americans (excerpts)
9. XIV. Mexico
10. XV. Nicaragua
11. XVI. Panama
12. XVII. Paraguay
13. XVIII. Peru
14. XIX. El Salvador
15. XX. Uruguay
16. XXI. Venezuela
17. XXII. United States of America