Bax: Symphonic Poems (CD)

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Royal Scottish National Orchestra, David Lloyd-Jones

Arnold Bax composed several symphonic poems during the second and third decades of the 20th century, when he was at the peak of his creative powers. The most popular and famous of these is Tintagel, a vivid, opulent depiction of ‘the castle crowned cliff of Tintagel, and more especially, of the long distances of the Atlantic, as seen from the cliffs of Cornwall’. November Woods is both a vivid depiction of a dank and stormy Buckinghamshire wood in late autumn as well as a reflection of the composer’s own troubled experiences of the period. Evocative of the wild landscapes in Norway and the West of Scotland, The Tale the Pine Trees Knew culminates in a magical evocation of Celtic mists.

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November Woods

The Tale the Pine Trees Knew


Gramophone Magazine

Awards Issue 2005

“November Woods remains the stand-out offering, a performance of thrusting purpose and refreshing involvement…”