Bach: Christmas Oratorio, Highlights (CD)

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Kertesi, Mukk, Nemeth, Toth, Oberfrank

Bach, J S: Christmas Oratorio, BWV248: Highlights



Ingrid Kertesi (soprano), Jozsef Mukk (tenor), Judit Nemeth (alto), Janos Toth (bass)

Budapest Failoni Chamber Orchestra, Hungarian Radio Chorus, Geza Oberfrank

“The most favored 'hit' numbers are covered [on this recording]. Each soloist has at least one showcase number, the women coming out slightly ahead-which is appropriate in view of the solid alto work of Nemeth and the really handsome singing of Kertesi...The 1992 sound (it was made in an old castle) is quite churchy, if a little distant at times. Good notes; texts with translations.” -November/December 2000 - American Record Guide