Olsen: The Planets - Works for Voice and Instruments (CD)

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Signe Asmussen, Ulla Miilmann, Helge Slaatto, Anette Slaatto, Jonathan Slaatto, Frederik Munk Larsen, Christian Martinez

The research on the musical cultures of faraway countries left its mark on Poul Rovsing Olsen's (1922-82) oeuvre. He aimed at clarity and substance, and by fusing elements from the Occidental and Oriental traditions he developed a personal musical idiom that was unusual in Danish music. Poul Rovsing Olsen himself said that it was his dream “to make music as direct as possible, to bring it closer to the listener”. This CD features his last composition A Dream in Violet and four world premiere recordings of his music for voice and instruments, including The Planets, based on a block book from the 15th century.

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1. A Dream in Violet, op. 85 (1982) for string trio
2-9 The Planets, op. 80 (1978) for mezzo-soprano, flute, viola and guitar
10. Rencontres, op. 67 (1970) for percussion and cello
11. Pour une Viole d’Amour, op. 66 (1969) for viola d’amore
12. Alapa–Tarana, op. 41 (1959) for mezzo-soprano and percussion

Performers: Signe Asmussen (soprano), Ulla Miilmann (flute), Helge Slaatto (violin), Anette Slaatto (viola, viola d'amore), Jonathan Slaatto (cello), Frederik Munk Larsen (guitar), Christian Martinez (percussion)