A Personal Selection - Vince Jones (CD)

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Vince Jones

A Personal Selection is an album of songs Vince Jones has chosen from the 14 albums he has recorded and released over four decades.

The song selection includes original compositions by Vince as well as much loved standards including "All Or Nothing At All", "Comes Love", Mose Allison's "Stop This World" and Roland Kirks "Dreams".

Vince has worked with the cream of Australia's finest jazz musicians across all of his albums. Apart from Vince's unique sweet vocals and trumpet and flugel horn playing the instrumentation includes greats Paul Grabowsky, Barney McAll, Joe Chindamo, James Muller, Matt McMahon, Lloyd Swanton, Dale Barlow and many more.

The release of A Personal Selection serves as a sweet taste of Vince Jones' collective body of work.

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  1. Dream
  2. Tenderly
  3. All Or Nothing At All
  4. Everything Happens To Me
  5. Stop This World
  6. Budgie
  7. In An Attempt To Be Facinating
  8. The Afterthought
  9. A Tribute Two
  10. Hindered On His Way To Heaven
  11. Comes Love
  12. If I Had A hammer
  13. This Is The Woman