Brahms: Violin Sonatas (DVD)

Deutsche Grammophon
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Anne-Sophie Mutter & Lambert Orkis

Anne-Sophie Mutter (violin) & Lambert Orkis (piano)

The DVD continues the success of the Brahms CD with Anne-Sophie Mutter and Lambert Orkis, released in March (4778767). Recent reviews are excellent and will certainly make for an outstanding DVD:

"Never before have Mutter and Orkis seemed so joined at the hip, giving and taking, conducting dialogue, chasing each others' thoughts . . . She plays with a new degree of maturity and depth, especially visible in the slow movements. The disc's high point is the adagio from the first sonata, in G major, where Mutter's gold thread is reduced to a dusky murmur before shifting through tones as subtle as they are various. Orkis's contribution is equally vital, whether keeping pace with limpid filigree or, at the close, pedalling up a penumbra of resonance to balance Mutter's whispers. Magical music-making, this. Elsewhere, Mutter shows that she is able to become passionately alive without shaking with neuroses. In the third sonata, in D minor, the finale lives up to Brahms's instruction -- "presto agitato" -- but never races over the top. Throughout, speeds and dynamics are controlled with regard for the music's inner substance, not its outward show . . . The CD's delectable virtues also include Deutsche Grammophon's clear, well-balanced recording. A masterly issue . . ."