Munich 2016 (2CD)

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Keith Jarrett

A solo concert from Keith Jarrett - recorded at Munich’s Philharmonic Hall on July 16, 2016, on the last night of a European tour - finds the great improvising pianist at a peak of invention.

Creating a spontaneous suite of forms in the moment with the assurance of a master builder - interspersing touches of the blues and folksong lyricism between pieces of polyrhythmic and harmonic complexity - he delivers one of his very finest performances. An attentive and appreciative audience hangs on every note, every nuance, and is rewarded with some tender encores including a magical version of “It’s A Lonesome Old Town”.

There is, still, nothing else like a Keith Jarrett solo concert. “Through a series of brilliant solo performances and recordings that demonstrate his utterly spontaneous creativity,” the Polar Music Prize committee noted a few years ago, “Keith Jarrett has simultaneously lifted piano improvisation as an art form to new, unimaginable heights.” (ECM2667)

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CD 1
1. PART I (Keith Jarrett)
2. PART II (Keith Jarrett)
3. PART III (Keith Jarrett)
4. PART IV (Keith Jarrett)
5. PART V (Keith Jarrett)
6. PART VI (Keith Jarrett)
7. PART VII (Keith Jarrett)

CD 2
1. PART VIII (Keith Jarrett)
2. PART VIX (Keith Jarrett)
3. PART X (Keith Jarrett)
4. PART XI (Keith Jarrett)
5. PART XII (Keith Jarrett)
6. ANSWER ME MY LOVE (Gerhard Winkler, Fred Rauch)
7. ITS A LONESOME OLD TOWN (Harry Tobias, Charles Kisco)