When Will The Blues Leave (CD)

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Paul Bley, Gary Peacock, Paul Motian

In 1999, a year after recording the splendid reunion album Not Two, Not One, Paul Bley’s highly innovative  trio with Gary Peacock and Paul Motian took to the road with concerts on both sides of the Atlantic.  When Will The Blues Leave documents a terrific performance at the Aula Magna di Trevano in Switzerland. Included here, alongside the angular freebop Ornette Coleman title track, are Paul Bley’s “Mazatlan”, brimming over with energy, Gary Peacock’s evergreen “Moor”, Gershwin’s tender “I Loves You Porgy” and much more. All played with the subtlety of master improvisers, recasting the music in every moment. (ECM2642)

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  1. Mazatlan
  2. Flame
  3. Told You So
  4. Moor
  5. Longer
  6. Dialogue Amour
  7. When Will The Blues Leave
  8. I Loves You, Porgy