Jazz Around the World - Milestones of Jazz Legends (10CD)

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The international rise of Jazz, which had begun its success story in New Orleans around 1900, would have been unimaginable without the simultaneous developments in mass mobility. The first Mississippi- and transatlantic steamers spread this new African-American pop music across the USA and straight over to Europe, where soloists like Louis Armstrong and Coleman Hawkins, as well as various Jazz Orchestras enjoyed great popularity from the 1920s onwards. Paris and London were the European centers for American musicians on their tours and soon became their new residences after the Second World War.

The musical ingredients of jazz have been constantly expanded by its internationalization, especially since this music was now being recorded and played by musicians around the world. Art Blakey, Randy Weston and Guy Warren explored their African roots, John Coltrane and Ahmed Abdul-Malik brought in influences from Arabia and India, and Bossa Nova Jazz, performed by Herbie Mann, Paul Winter, and Dave Pike, formed a new link between North and South America. Miles Davis and Gil Evans dedicated themselves to the music of Spain at the beginning of their successful collaboration. Milt Jackson, Donald Byrd and John Lewis recorded musically brilliant albums with European colleagues in Paris. Jazz-loving Japan experimented with the Koto and other instruments as a new color in modern jazz. Dave Brubeck brought in odd meters and worked with music from all around the world, which he learned and studied on-site during his tours.

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CD 1 : The Ralph Sharon Sextet - Around The World In Jazz / Dave Pike - Bossa Nova Carniva

CD 2 : Lionel Hampton - And The Old World / Donald Byrd - Quintet In Paris

CD 3 : Paul Winter Sextet - Jazz Meets Bossa Nova / Herbie Mann - Brasil, Bossa Nova & Blues

CD 4 : Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz Impressions Of Eurasia / John Lewis - European Encounter

CD 5 : Kenny Clarke ́S Sextet - Jazz In Paris / James Moody And His Modernists W. Chano Pozo

CD 6 : Guy Warren With The Red Saunders Orchestra - Africa Speaks America Answers / Randy Weston - Uhuru Africa

CD 7 : Miles Davis - Sketches Of Spain / Art Farmer - The Aztec Suite

CD 8 : Hideo Shiraki - In Fiesta / Ahmed Abdul-Malik - East Meets West

CD 9 : Art Blakey - Orgy In Rhythm Vol.1 / John Coltrane Quartet - Africa / Brass

CD 10 : Machito & His Orchestra - Kenya / Tito Puente - El Rey Bravo