Milestones of a Legend - The Rarest Recordings (10CD)

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Hans Rosbaud

Today, the large recording room of the national radio in Baden-Baden bears his name: Hans-Rosbaud-Studio. As the Artistic Director of the radio orchestra, Hans Rosbaud (1895-1962) ensured that numerous new works of the 20th century found their way to listeners, having already started his career as first Kapellmeister at Radio Frankfurt (until 1937) with world premiers of compositions by Schönberg and Bartok. He molded the orchestra in Baden-Baden into what was perhaps the world's best ensemble for contemporary music.

Legend is the number of works premiered by Rosbaud and their composers: Boulez, Dallapiccola, Fortner, C.A. Hartmann, Henze, Honegger, Jolivet, Messiaen, Xenakis. Bernd Alois Zimmermann dedicated his opera "Die Soldaten" (The Soldiers) to him. One singular performance did not take place in Baden-Baden however, but at the Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk Hamburg, today's NDR: the world premiere concert performance of the Schönberg opera "Moses and Aron" (1954, staged 1957 in Zurich). It too is part of this extensive documentation of the works of Hans Rosbaud.

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Hindemith: Concerto for Orchestra, Op. 38

Hindemith: Violin Concerto

Ligeti: Atmosphères

Bartók: Sonata for Two Pianos & Percussion, BB 115, Sz. 110

Schönberg: Variations for Orchestra, Op. 31

Berg: Drei Orchesterstücke, Op. 6

Webern: Six Pieces for Orchestra Op. 6

Schönberg: 5 orchestral pieces, Op. 16

Schönberg: Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte, Op. 41

Schönberg: Pierrot lunaire, Op. 21

Stravinsky: Jeu de cartes

Stravinsky: Petrushka

Stravinsky: Suite No. 1

Stravinsky: Suite No. 2

Stravinsky: Agon ‘Ballet for Twelve Dancers’

Strauss, R: Macbeth, Op. 23

Strauss, R: Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30

Mahler: Symphony No. 5

Schönberg: Moses und Aron