Jazz Loves Disney, Vol. 2: A Kind Of Magic (CD)

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Songs from Disney films have become standards thanks to melodies with strong ties in all our memories, whether in their original versions or in translations worldwide. Spectators from one generation to the next have grown up with these tunes accompanying them in later life, like a kind of precious keepsake, a souvenir whose links with childhood have a presence that increases in strength with the passing of time.

And the collective subconscious has always had a favourite Disney tune. Even several... So when the idea for the first edition of Jazz Loves Disney was mooted and bore fruit in 2016, there were many artists happy to take part - among them Gregory Porter, Jamie Cullum and Melody Gardot - and the public followed suit.

The number of products taken from the masterpieces produced by Disney Studios is enormous - so immense that it forms a catalogue on its own - and this new recording with an international cast (recorded in Paris, London and New York, it was supervised by Jay Newland with arrangements from Rob Mounsey and The Amazing Keystone Big Band, the Appassionato Orchestra and strings conducted by Mathieu Herzog) had no difficulty at all in choosing a new list of gems to put before the prestigious singers who have been  solicited yet again.

These include the likes of Jamie Cullum & Eric Cantona, George Benson, Jacob Collier, Madeleine Peyroux, Laura Mvula, Selah Sue, Angelique Kidjo, Bebel Gilberto, Imany and Thomas Dutronc.

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1. Beauty and the Beast (Bebel Gilberto)
2. Someday My Prince Will Come (Imany)
3. Be Our Guest (Eric Cantona, Jamie Cullum)
4. Under the Sea (Jacob Collier)
5. Try Everything (Angélique Kidjo)
6. Steamboat Willie (Amazing Keystone Big Band)
7. J’ai vu voler un éléphant (Thomas Dutronc)
8. So This Is Love (Selah Sue)
9. The Golden Touch (Madeleine Peyroux)
10. You’ll Be in My Heart (George Benson)
11. Stay Awake (Laura Mvula)

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