Songs of the Latin Skies (CD)

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Katie Noonan, Karin Schaupp

Katie Noonan and Karin Schaupp reunite for their second album project, Songs of the Latin Skies, a follow up to 2012’s double ARIA nominated release, Songs Of The Southern Skies.




It is a stunning take on the great South American songbook of bossa nova, samba, salsa and tango, as Katie and Karin interpret work by Heitor Villa-Lobos, Luis Bonfa, Antonio Carlos Jobim and more. Underpinned by Karin’s masterful classical guitar playing, these songs are the perfect vehicle for the exquisite tone of Katie’s vocal, at once delicate, peaceful and effortless.


Together, Katie and Karin create a unique sound, putting a fresh spin on Latin jazz and classical pieces from the musical masters of South America.




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1. Seguranca




2. Desafinado




3. Oblivion




4. Wave




5. Boiou




6. Retrato Brasileiro




7. No More Blues




8. Canta Mais




9. Le Muerte Del Angel




10. ManhaDeCarnaval




11. Sentimental Melody From Forest of the Amazon




12. El Marabino


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