Sol y Vida (CD)

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Elīna Garanča, Orquesta Filarmónica De Gran Canaria, Karel Mark Chichon

Sol y vida is Elīna Garanča’s journey to the South, from Spain to Italy and Latin America, and is her first album focusing entirely on non core-classical repertoire.

Be ready to expect a personal album from the mezzo-soprano, whose centre of life has been Spain for many years. A selection of songs, canzone and tango pieces, both mirroring and spreading a flamboyantly emotional array of beaming happiness, passionate longing and exuberant joy. A feast of vocal colours, and a firework of passion, from the well-known Granada to the intimate world of La Llorona.

Featuring jewels of Latin American song repertoire like Piazolla’s Yo soy Maria, originally part of a tango operita and Gracias a la vida, one of the most covered Latin American songs in history both featuring guitarist Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey in new intimate arrangements. Many of the popular pieces have mainly been sung by tenors, like “Core ‘ngrato”, which was probably written for Caruso or the popular Neapolitan songs “Torna a surriento” or “Canto napoletano”.

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  1. Agustin Lara - Granada
  2. Agustin Lara - La Llorona
  3. Agustin Lara - Vai lavar a cara
  4. Violeta Parra - Gracias a la vida
  5. Edvard Grieg - T'estimo
  6. Salvatore Cardillo - Core 'ngrato
  7. Ernesto de Curtis - Torna a Surriento
  8. Ernesto de Curtis - Non ti scordar di me
  9. Ernesto de Curtis - Stanislao Gastaldon
  10. Ernesto de Curtis - Musica proibita
  11. Francesco Paolo Tosti - Non t'amo più
  12. Ernesto de Curtis - Voce 'e notte
  13. Francesco Paolo Tosti - Marechiare
  14. Astor Piazzolla - Yo soy María (from Maria de Buenos Aires)
  15. Rosendo Mato Hermida - Lela
  16. Pablo Sorozábal - O No puede ser (from Taberna del Puerto)
  17. Carlos Gardel - El día que me quieras
  18. Ary Barroso - Brazil