O Crux Benedicta - Lent and Holy Week at the Sistine Chapel (CD)

Deutsche Grammophon
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Sistine Chapel Choir, Massimo Palombella

After Cantate Domino (2015), Palestrina (2016) and Veni Domine - Advent & Christmas at the Sistine Chapel (2017), O Crux Benedicta – Lent and Holy Week At The Sistine Chapel is the fourth installment of the unique collaboration between Deutsche Grammophon and the Vatican’s own Sistine Chapel Choir.
This series of state-of-the-art recordings by the Sistine Chapel Choir for Deutsche Grammophon makes an authoritative and profoundly beautiful case for the continuing relevance of Humanist, Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces in the Papal Celebrations of the 21st Century, and in the wider world. 

This album breathes new contemporary life into a precious tradition at the highest artistic level and transfers its listeners into a meditative, peaceful and conscious state.

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  1. Music for Ash Wednesday - GREGORIAN CHANT Miseréris ómnium, Dómine
  2. Music for Ash Wednesday - GÁLVEZ Emendemus in melius (World premiere recording)
  3. Music for Ash Wednesday - PALESTRINA Exaltabo te, Domine
  4. Music for Lent - PALESTRINA Audi benigne conditor
  5. Music for Palm Sunday - SORIANO Gloria, laus et honor tibi sit (World premiere recording)
  6. Music for Palm Sunday - PALESTRINA Pueri hebraeorum, vestimenta prosternebant (World premiere recording)
  7. Music for Holy Week - PALESTRINA Vexilla regis prodeunt
  8. Music for Holy Week - DI LASSO Ave Regina coelorum (World premiere recording)
  9. Crismal Mass - ANONYMOUS O Redemptor, sume carmen (World premiere recording)
  10. In Coena Domini Mass - PALESTRINA O sacrum convivium
  11. Music for Good Friday - FESTA Miserere mei, Deus (World premiere recording)
  12. Music for Good Friday - PALESTRINA 1. Popule meus, quid feci tibi [Improperia]
  13. Music for Good Friday - PALESTRINA Stabat Mater dolorosa
  14. Music for Good Friday - ROSSELLI Adoramus te, Christe (World premiere recording)
  15. Music for Good Friday - DI LASSO Adoramus te, Christe (World premiere recording)
  16. Music for Good Friday - VICTORIA Vere languores nostros
  17. Music for Good Friday - DE RORE O crux benedicta
  18. Music for Easter Sunday - PALESTRINA Surrexit pastor bonus
  19. Music for Easter Sunday - PALESTRINA Terra tremuit et quievit
  20. Music for Easter Sunday - ANERIO Voce mea ad Dominum
  21. Music for Easter Sunday - PALESTRINA Exsultate Deo
  22. Music for Easter Sunday - VICTORIA Regina coeli laetare