Wagner: Tristan und Isolde - Solti (3CD+Blu-ray Audio)

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Brigit Nilsson, Vienna Philharmonic, Georg Solti


3-CDs + Blu-ray Audio disc, in deluxe hardback presentation with “An introduction to the Opera and its Leitmotifs” and an essay by the recording’s producer, John Culshaw, "Observations on the Characters, music and recording,” illustrated with sketches of his ‘imagined settings’ for the recording. This legendary recording is bonused with the rehearsal excerpts, “The Birth of an Opera,” originally included in the first LP issue, providing a fascinating behind-the-scenes insight into the work to create the Decca Sonicstage.

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Wagner: Tristan und Isolde

Waldemar Kmentt (tenor), Peter Klein (tenor), Regina Resnik (mezzo-soprano), Ernst Kozub (tenor), Arnold van Mill (bass), Birgit Nilsson (soprano), Tom Krause (baritone), Fritz Uhl (tenor), Theodor Kirschbichler (bass)

Wiener Philharmoniker, Singverein Der Gesellschaft Der Musikfreunde, Singverein Der Gesellschaft Der Musikfreunde

Sir Georg Solti