Kats-Chernin: The Little Green Road To Fairyland (CD)

ABC Classics & Jazz
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Katie Noonan, Camerata

A beautiful new album of music by Elena Kats-Chernin!

ABC Classic invites you on a magical journey into a world of fairies, dreams and enchanted trees, where love and music are more powerful than anything. Join us on The Little Green Road to Fairyland.

Two small children, Maykin and her brother Robin, are being settled in their beds by their mother, who is reading their favourite book, The Little Green Road to Fairyland. Slowly they fall asleep, when a Fairy appears through their bedroom window, sprinkles her magic fairy dust over the sleeping children, and takes them on a magical journey!

Based on the beloved children's book by author Annie R. Rentoul and illustrator Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, this album features gorgeous music by composer Elena Kats-Chernin performed by one of Australia's greatest singers, five-time ARIA Award-winner Katie Noonan, and Camerata - Queensland's acclaimed chamber orchestra.

This timeless tale and beautiful music will spark the imagination of audiences young and old with a tale of love, hope, compassion and a touch of fairy magic.

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  1. 'Long Ago'
  2. Fairy
  3. The Dream Begins
  4. Robin and Maykin in the Magic Forest
  5. Mary
  6. Tree of Love
  7. Hopscotch Frolicking
  8. Travelling
  9. Meeting Jasper
  10. Fairy's Flute
  11. Jasper's Flute
  12. Mesmerised
  13. Travelling
  14. Tree of Music
  15. Flute Travel
  16. Meeting Sylvie
  17. 'Hush-a-Bye Possum'
  18. Travelling
  19. Tree of Compassion
  20. Sylvie's New Dress
  21. Tree of Magic: 'Fairy Child'
  22. Time to Depart
  23. Butterfly and the Little Green Road
  24. The Door to Fairyland
  25. 'Beyond the Little Door'
  26. Fairyland
  27. Waking from the Dream