Shadows (CD)

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Remy Van Kesteren

Contemporary harpist Remy draws us into a world which is melancholic, expressive and almost cinematic… but never sad. Just as shadow co-exists with light, so do the seemingly disparate elements of electronic, minimal, ambient, jazz, pop, world and classical music in Remy’s stunning new album, Shadows. It is an impressive, unpredictable yet coherent report of Remy’s search for his musical core.

Far from the well-trodden paths, he is taking a major risk with this new album: he will have to prove himself anew as a musician. But that is exactly his intention:

“Make me try my hardest. I love having to win over people with my music time and time again. This album is who I am now. I’m not done yet, far from it, fortunately. But I know that there is still so much left to discover that I can tell my story in all kinds of ways. This is it. For now.”

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  1. Shadow (Feat Fink)
  2. River Somewhere (Part 1)
  3. River Somewhere (Part 2)
  4. Garden And Walls
  5. Dancing On The Rooftops Of The Dead
  6. This Reminds You (Satie Remix)
  7. Close In On Dreams
  8. A Snake Through Your Thoughts
  9. All That It Seems
  10. Doesnt Everyone See