Classic Kids: Music for The Dreaming (CD)

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Aunty Brenda Gifford, Ensemble Offspring

"The perfect adventure to start your mini musicians on a lifetime of classical music" – Artsplorers

Discover how sound can tell stories and create atmosphere in Music for The Dreaming. With new compositions by Indigenous composer, Yuin woman Brenda Gifford, and performed by Ensemble Offspring, Music for The Dreaming is inspired by the seasons and the natural environment around Wreck Bay, NSW south coast. 
Through Aunty Brenda's music, and the stories and cultural teachings of Budawang Elder from the Yuin Nation Noel Butler, kids will learn about the ‘old ways' of life and the changing seasons in Yuin Country.

Little ones can learn the sounds and meanings of words in the Dhurga language and listen to music which evokes the seasons and landscape of Yuin Country. Children will develop sensory perception, musical literacy and awareness of instrument sounds, perfect for ages 2 – 5.

Classic Kids: Music for The Dreaming is an ABC KIDS listen and ABC Classic FM co-production. It was produced in collaboration with composer and Yuin woman Brenda Gifford and Yuin Elder and Educator Noel Butler, and the Sydney Opera House Children's Families and Creative Learning program. 

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All music written by Indigenous composer Brenda Gifford and performed by Ensemble Offspring


  • 1. Galaa (Summer)
  • 2. Dhagarwara (Winter)
  • 3. Gambambara (Spring)
  • 4. Dhawara (Moon)
  • 5. Gambambarawaraga (Seasons)


  • 6. Galaa underscore
  • 7. Rompy Stompy Crab
  • 8. Galaa song
  • 9. Dhugawara A underscore
  • 10. Dhugawara B song
  • 11. Plover Bird
  • 12. Gambambara
  • 13. Ghadu (Sea) underscore
  • 14. Ghadu
  • 15. Bardju (Footprints)
  • 16. Gambambarawaraga