Real and Right and True (2CD)

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Sara Macliver, Paul McMahon, Christopher Richardson, Ian Munro, Calvin Bowman

Real and Right and True marks the debut of prolific Australian composer Calvin Bowman on the Decca (Australia) label. The album title is derived from a set of nine poems by celebrated Australian cartoonist, writer and painter Michael Leunig, whose beautiful painting ‘Autumn Harvest’ also graces the cover artwork.

Bowman specialises in artsong and has, to date, written nearly a hundred songs with more constantly on the way. He is a laureate of the Ned Rorem Award for Song Composition, the Diana Barnhart American Song Competition, and the English Poetry and Song Society Artsong Award. Bowman is the only Australian composer to ever have been exclusively featured on the prestigious Decca label aside from Percy Grainger. His songs have been lauded by many luminaries including Barbara Bonney, Sir Neville Marriner and Lee Hoiby, and are recognized for their technical prowess and humanity.

In this remarkable debut offering, three of Australia’s finest singers – Sara Macliver, Paul McMahon and Christopher Richardson join forces to record over fifty of Bowman’s acclaimed artsongs. 

‘It is a joy to be able to represent one of Australia’s most acute colourists in music, Calvin Bowman, on Decca (Australia). He is at once, a pianist of distinction, a composer of exquisite subtlety and a musician of huge accomplishment. It is a pleasure to be able to work with him.’  - Cyrus Meher-Homji, General Manager, Classics & Jazz, Universal Music Australia 


Sara Macliver, soprano
Paul McMahon, tenor
Christopher Richardson, bass-baritone
Ian Munro, piano
Calvin Bowman, piano

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CD 1

  1. Three Night Songs
  2. Three Sea Songs
  3. The Rainbow
  4. The Swing
  5. Tune for Swans
  6. The Dodo
  7. The Last Swallow
  8. Now Touch the Air Softly
  9. Murraguldrie Pastorale I
  10. Murraguldrie Pastorale II
  11. Words by the Water
  12. Ferry Me Across the Water
  13. Three Songs
  14. Eheu! Fugaces
  15. My Own Country
  16. Little Prelude after the Master

CD 2

  1. Homage
  2. Sallie's Musical Box
  3. Real and Right and True
  4. Summer Comes with Colour
  5. Mother, I Cannot Mind My Wheel
  6. Don Grant's Dragonfly
  7. Seven Epitaphs
  8. Song for Silverheels
  9. Tulip
  10. The Seasons
  11. West Sussex Drinking Song
  12. The Early Morning
  13. Crossing the Bar
  14. Alta Quies
  15. Escape at Bedtime
  16. The Night
  17. The Birds
  18. Unpausing
  19. Small Song: Bath
  20. Noël