Haydn: Arias - 1000 Years of Classical Music, Vol. 21 (CD)

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Sara Macliver, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Ola Rudner

Soaring beauty, spectacular, vocal fireworks and delicately coloured musical pictures: soprano arias from Haydn’s greatest operas and oratorios, including The Creation and The Seasons.

This album is part of 1000 Years of Classical Music – a series of 100 volumes charting the history of music to be released on ABC Classics. Click here to view other titles in this series on our website.

More information can be found at the project’s website 1000 Years of Classical Music.

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JOSEPH HAYDN 1732–1809

Il mondo della luna (The World on the Moon)
1. Overture
2. Ragion nell’alma siede (Reason rules in the soul)


The Creation
3. With verdure clad the fields appear
4. On mighty pens uplifted soars the eagle aloft


L’anima del filosofo [Orfeo ed Euridice] (The Philosopher’s Soul [Orpheus and Eurydice])
5. Overture
6. Al tuo seno fortunato (You will hold your beloved in your arms)


Die Jahreszeiten (The Seasons)
7. Summer: Welche Labung für die Sinne! (What refreshment for the senses!)
8. Winter: Licht und Leben sind geschwächet (Light and life fade away)


Notturno No. 3 in C major
9. I. Allegro moderato
10. II. Andante
11. III. Finale (Molto vivace)
12. Solo e pensoso (Alone and Pensive)

Sara Macliver,
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra,
Ola Rudner

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