Shostakovich: Symphony No. 8 - 1000 Years of Classical Music Vol. 91 (CD)

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Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Nicholas Braithwaite

In this immensely powerful wartime symphony, Shostakovich looks beyond the anguish of violence, in search of hope and renewal.

The Eighth Symphony was written in 1943, in the depths of World War II, and is a musical response to violence and suffering on a cataclysmic scale — perhaps as a direct reaction to the War itself, perhaps as a condemnation of the oppression and tyranny of Stalin.

Although the Symphony was premiered with the approval of the Soviet authorities, five years later it was savagely condemned by those same authorities as ugly, pessimistic and therefore out of keeping with the glorious Soviet vision of a workers’ paradise. Performances were banned, the scores pulped and recordings destroyed. It was not until 1956, three years after the death of Stalin, that the Eighth Symphony was ‘rehabilitated’.

This album is part of 1000 Years of Classical Music – a series of 100 volumes charting the history of music to be released on ABC Classics. Click here to view other titles in this series on our website.

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Symphony No. 8
1.I. Adagio – Allegro – Adagio
2.II. Allegretto
3.III. Allegro non troppo
4.IV. Largo
5.V. Allegretto

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra,
Nicholas Braithwaite