Rutter: What Sweeter Music - Choral Favourites (CD)

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The music of John Rutter is beloved for its joyful tunes and atmospheric harmonies. It reaches beyond its roots in the English choral tradition to create soundscapes which appeal to an international audience.

In What Sweeter Music, released to mark Rutter’s 70th birthday, ABC Classics presents some of the British composer’s best-loved choral works, performed by British and Australian choirs including The Cambridge Singers under the direction of the composer himself. Alongside the well-known Pie Jesu from Requiem, the gentle tenderness of For the Beauty of the Earth and the serenity of A Gaelic Blessing, the album features a number of less frequently performed gems such as Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind and the joyous Wells Jubilate.

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John Rutter:  

1. O Be Joyful

2. Mary’s Lullaby

3. Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind from When Icicles Hang

4. King Jesus Hath a Garden

5. A Gaelic Blessing

6. All Things Bright and Beautiful

7. For the Beauty of the Earth

8. What Sweeter Music

9. The Lord Bless You and Keep You

10. Pie Jesu from Requiem

11. Star Carol

12. There Is a Flower

13. The Lord Is My Shepherd

14. Shepherd’s Pipe Carol

15. Angels’ Carol

16. Nativity Carol

17. Open Thou Mine Eyes

18. Carol of the Magi

19. Candlelight Carol

20. Wells Jubilate

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