Grieg: Morning Mood (2CD)

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Gerard Willems

ARIA Award-winning Australian pianist Gerard Willems presents an essential album of the enchanting piano music of Edvard Grieg.

Grieg wrote for the piano with profound love and affection, creating miniature masterpieces that glow with the rich beauty of the Norwegian countryside. Intimate yet expansive, bold yet delicate, they reveal the full extent of his musical genius: passionately Romantic, exquisitely Impressionist, fiercely patriotic and utterly human.

This double album features some of Grieg's best-loved piano works, including the complete Holberg Suite, highlights from Peer Gynt, and Wedding Day at Troldhaugen. Reaching from Grieg's student days as a teenager at the Leipzig Conservatorium to his final years in the tranquillity of his country retreat, this landmark collection traces in music the life of a true master of the piano.

This is the first all-Australian recording of Grieg’s piano music – featuring an Australian pianist, an Australian recording venue (the Sydney Conservatorium of Music) and an Australian piano. Made by the legendary piano-makers Stuart & Sons, the instrument has an individual sound and extraordinary clarity of tone, sustain and dynamic range.

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Fra Holbergs tid (From Holberg’s Time) – Suite, Op. 40

I. Preludium
II. Sarabande
III. Gavotte
IV. Air
V. Rigaudon

Piano Pieces after Original Songs, Vol. II, Op. 52

II. Det første møte (The First Meeting)
IV. Solveigs sang (Solveig’s Song)

23 Little Pieces, EG104: II. Lengsel (Longing)

Improvisations on Two Norwegian Folk Songs, Op. 29: I. Guten og gjenta på fjøshellen (The Lad and the Lass in the Cow-Shed Loft)

Sørgemarsj over Rikard Nordraak (Funeral March for Ridard Nordraak), EG 107

Six Poetic Tone Pictures, Op. 3

I. Allegro ma non troppo
II. Allegro cantabile
III. Con moto
IV. Andante con sentimento
V. Allegro moderato
VI. Allegro scherzando

Album Leaves, Op. 28: III. Vivace in A major

Piano Pieces after Original Songs, Vol. II, Op. 52: I. Modersorg (A Mother’s Grief)

Piano Pieces after Original Songs , Vol. I, Op. 41: III. Jeg elsker dig (I Love Thee)

Stimmungen (Moods), Op. 73: I. Resignation

Piano Pieces after Original Songs , Vol. I, Op. 41: I. Vuggesang (Cradle Song)

Stimmungen (Moods), Op. 73: VII. Lualåt (Mountaineer’s Song)

Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46

I. Morgenstemning (Morning Mood)
II. Åses Død (The Death of Ǻse)
III. Anitras Dans (Anitra’s Dance)
IV. I Dovregubbens Hall (In the Hall of the Mountain King)

Lyric Pieces, Book I Op. 12

I. Arietta
III. Vægtersang (Watchman’s Song)
IV. Elverdans (Elves’ Dance)
VI. Norsk (Norwegian)

Lyric Pieces, Book 2, Op. 38: I. Vuggevise (Berceuse)

Lyric Pieces, Book 3, Op. 43

I. Sommerfugl (Butterfly)
II. Ensom vandrer (Lonely Wanderer)
III. I Hjemmet (In My Homeland)
IV. Liden fugl (Little Bird)
VI. Til Foråret (To Spring)

Lyric Pieces, Book 4, Op. 47

II. Albumblad (Album Leaf)
III. Melodie (Melody)
IV. Halling
VII. Elegie (Elegy)

Lyric Pieces, Book 5, Op. 54

III. Troldtog (March of the Trolls)
IV. Notturno (Nocturne)
VI. Klokkeklang (Bell Ringing)

Lyric Pieces, Book 6, Op. 57: VI. Hjemve (Homesickness)

Lyric Pieces, Book 7, Op. 62

III. Fransk serenade (French Serenade)
V. Drømmesyn (Phantom)

Lyric Pieces, Book 8, Op. 65

II. Bondens sang (Peasant Song)
VI. Bryllupsdag på Troldhaugen (Wedding Day at Troldhaugen)

Lyric Pieces, Book 9, Op. 68

II. Bedstemors menuet (Grandmother’s Minuet)
IV. Aften på Højfjeldet (Evening in the Mountains)

Lyric Pieces, Book 10, Op. 71

I. Der var engang (Once upon a Time)
III. Småtrold (Puck)
VI. Forbi (Gone)
VII. Efterklang (Remembrances)

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