Mosaic: Australian Guitar Concertos (CD)

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Karin Schaupp

Karin Schaupp is one of the most outstanding guitarists on the international scene, acclaimed not only for her breathtaking technical mastery, but also for the passion and intensity of her playing. With this album she celebrates the rich and vibrant Australian guitar repertoire, presenting four concertos that create a uniquely Australian musical landscape.

Peter Sculthorpe's Nourlangie was inspired by the ancient beauty of Kakadu in Australia's far north, and the resonances between the music's notes speak of the strength and serenity of the land. Ross Edwards was drawn to the rich flora and fauna of Arnhem Land and the magnificent turquoise of the Arafura Sea beyond. His joyous 'dance/chants', celebrating the mysterious and infinitely changing patterns of birdsong and the insect chorus, frame an exquisitely calm, song-like slow movement.

Richard Charlton, himself a guitarist of note, brought his intimate knowledge of the instrument to Mosaic, a collection of memories and impressions of the Northern Territory, from the brilliant colours of earth and sky to the exhilarating power of a tropical storm. Philip Bracanin turns to the Classical heritage of the guitar for his concerto, exploring the lightness and agility of the instrument as well as its expressive qualities.

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1. Mosaic (1995)
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Benjamin Northey conductor

ROSS EDWARDS (b. 1943)

Arafura Dances – Concerto for Guitar and Strings (1995, rev. 2003)
2. I. First Maninya
3. II. Arafura Arioso
4. III. Second Maninya
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Richard Mills, Conductor


Guitar Concerto (1991)
5. I. Allegro assai
6. II. Doloroso
7. III. Allegro vivace
Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Ronald Spigelman, Conductor


8. Nourlangie (1989)
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Richard Mills, Conductor