Paganini: Violin Works (CD)

Deutsche Grammophon
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Nemanja Radulović



Gramophone Magazine

Editor's Choice
May 2014


Nemanja Radulović’s latest release on the Deutsche Grammophon label is one devoted to Paganini. His aim is to change the composer’s image and show that he was not only one of virtuosity, for although Paganini owes his reputation to his unequalled instrumental technique, Nemanja Radulović also sees in the music a composer who enables violinists to feel closer to the human voice. The programme on this CD was selected by Nemanja Radulović, clearly showing his profound understanding of this unique composer.

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Caprice for solo violin, Op. 1 No. 5 in A minor

Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major, Op. 6

Eiji Oue

Cantabile for violin & piano/guitar in D major, Op. 17, MS 109

Caprice for solo violin, Op. 1 No. 11 in C major

Violin Sonata No. 12 in E minor, MS19

Fantasia on the G string (after Rossini's 'Mose in Egitto')

Caprice for solo violin, Op. 1 No. 1 in E major 'The Argeggio'


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BBC Music Magazine

May 2014


“Not since Menuhin has Paganini's First Concerto sounded so musically compelling, with Nemaja Raudlovic making even the virtuoso-in-meltdown Moses Fantasy sound like minted gold.”

Gramophone Magazine

May 2014

“Radulovic's commanding technique makes child's play of Paganini's myriad technical challenges, matched by a beguiling tone, expressive vocal phrasing and perfect intonation...This is an exceptional disc by any standards and hard to better as an introduction to Paganini's genius.”