Vivaldi: Four Seasons for accordion (CD)

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Richard Galliano

"I've realized that even more that what is beautiful about the accordion is to play with a single finger sometimes, with a very pure, very pointed sound that gives a lot of poetry and emotion." - Galliano on Vivaldi. A seasoned performer of jazz and French folk music, renowned accordion player Richard Galliano still approaches every piece with delicacy and excitement. The end result is a new take on even the most traditional and popular pieces. On Vivaldi, Galliano re-imagines (and re-arranges) one of the most performed pieces of all time, making it refreshing and groundbreaking yet familiar because of the accordion's warm, classic sound. On this album, the already timeless works of Antonio Vivaldi undergo a bright and modern interpretation. Richard Galliano's performance is brimming with personality and French artfulness, at once simple, subtle, precise and completely captivating. "The themes are constructed like songs: simple, repetitive melodic cells that can be developed. It's optimistic music. Even in the 'Winter' concerto. It ends with a great deal of energy, a great deal of hope, in a highly virtuoso fragment." - Galliano on Vivaldi