The Art of the Guitar: Great Guitar Concertos (4CD)

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From the electric passion of Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez to the virtuosic beauty in Vivaldi's works for the instrument, the guitar touches us in a way no other instrument can.

This 4CD of classical guitar concertos by some of the world's finest guitar virtuosi, reveals the many sides of the guitar's personality. Supremely elegant or steamily sensual, flamboyantly virtuosic or eloquently lyrical, The Art of the Guitar is essential listening.

A stunning compilation of the best-of-the best guitar concertos performed by Australian virtuosos Slava & Leonard Grigoryan and Karin Schaupp and well as internationally renowned Eduardo Fernandez and Nicola Hall.

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CD 1
1-3 RODRIGO Concierto de Aranjuez - Karin Schaupp
4-8 WEISS (arr. E. Grigoryan / Behrend) Guitar Concerto in D minor - Slava Grigoryan
9-11 GIULIANI Guitar Concerto No. 1 - Pepe Romero
12-14 VILLA-LOBOS Guitar Concerto - Slava Grigoryan

CD 2
1-3 VIVALDI (arr. Malipiero) Concerto in G major for Two Guitars, RV532 - Slava Grigoryan & Leonard Grigoryan
4-6 FASCH (arr. Chiesa) Guitar Concerto in D minor - Slava Grigoryan
7-10 RODRIGO Fantasia para un gentilhombre - Leonard Grigoryan
11-13 EDWARDS Concerto for Guitar and Strings - Karin Schaupp

CD 3
1-3 VIVALDI (arr. Behrend) Guitar Concerto in D major, RV93 - Slava Grigoryan
4-13 RODRIGO Concierto madrigal - Slava Grigoryan & Leonard Grigoryan
14-16 CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO Guitar Concerto No. 1 - Nicola Hall

CD 4
1-3 BRACANIN Guitar Concerto - Karin Schaupp
4-7 RIGNEY Lapis Lazuli - Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra - Slava Grigoryan
8-10 PONCE Concierto del sur - Eduardo Fernandez

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