Paganini: Caprices, Op. 1 Nos. 1-24 (CD)

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Julia Fischer

German violinist Julia Fischer is recognized worldwide for possessing a talent of uncommon ability and as an exceptionally gifted performer, reflected in the numerous awards and effusive reviews she has received for both her live performances and recordings, including being named ''Artist of the Year'' at The Gramophone Awards in 2007.

Praised for her imaginative and illuminating interpretations of the classical repertoire, 26-year-old Ms. Fischer is equally lauded for her technical skill, with the Financial Times saying ''She may have spitfire technique... but in Fischer's case the notes are not an end in themselves but purely a means to expressing musical truths.''

Julia Fischer confirms her position as a fore most virtuoso of the violin with her assured ascent of an Everest of the solo violin repertoire - Paganini's towering and fiendishly challenging 24 Caprices.

"The Caprices represent twenty-four moods, little musical ideas, each one different, each one appealing."