Orff: Carmina Burana (CD)

Deutsche Grammophon
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Daniel Harding

Patricia Petibon (soprano), Hans-Werner Bunz (tenor) & Christian Gerhaher (baritone)

The Chorus and Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio, Daniel Harding

For his second Deutsche Grammophon recording, Daniel Harding conducts one of the most popular pieces of the classical canon: Carl Orff's cantata, Carmina Burana, a composition that continually attracts an audience both inside and outside of classical music.

The Carmina Burana concerts in Munich in April 2010 got excellent reviews in the press. Characteristic are these comments in the Süddeutsche Zeitung: "All operatic and pseudo-medievally picturesque features have been purged from this Carmina Burana. If one is at first a bit surprised by how lean, modern and almost unsensuous the Bavarian Radio Chorus and Tõlz Boys Choir sound when delivering such juicy texts, the bigger picture soon becomes clear: everything here - diction and verbal intonation especially - are treated to a discipline that only heightens the unleashing of archaic elements out of the rhythmic tension. The girlish, gleaming white tone of Patricia Petibon fits wonderfully into this conception. Secure even in the highest heights, the French soprano presents the 'Cour d'amour' with an insinuating chasteness in which the very act of denial hits directly below the belt... Baritone Christian Gerhaher brings off the register shifts between melancholic and bawdy with sovereign ease and masters the part's demandingly high tessitura with magnificent security. The timeless astringency that Orff calls for is finally realized so that Carmina Burana no longers seems merely a higher grade of outdoor entertainment. Harding discovers its truly medieval quality: immutability."