Kats-Chernin: Wild Swans (CD)

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Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Ola Rudner

The haunting and evocative music of Elena Kats-Chernin’s music to the ballet Wild Swans, choreographed by Meryl Tankard, captivated audiences around Australia when it was first performed by The Australian Ballet and broadcast on ABC TV. This recording features the concert suite with an added part for soprano Jane Sheldon, written especially for this recording. (The Eliza Aria from this suite was featured in a 2007 Lloyds TSB bank commercial in the UK, allowing a whole new market to fall in love with this enchanting music.)

Also on this recording is the atmospheric and reflective Piano Concerto No. 2, written especially for pianist Ian Munro. The CD is brought to a close with Mythic, written especially for the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, which Kats-Chernin herself describes as a “…kind of a hymn with variations, sometimes almost Romantic…”

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Wild Swans Concert Suite
Jane Sheldon (soprano),
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Ola Rudner

1. I. Green Leaf
2. II. Eliza Aria
3. III. Brothers
4. IV. Wicked Witch
5. V. Magic Spell Tango
6. VI. Good Fairy
7. VII. Knitting Nettles
8. VIII. Darkness in the Forest
9. IX. Eliza and the Prince
10. X. Glow Worms
11. XI. Mute Princess
12. XII. Transformation

Piano Concerto No. 2
Ian Munro (piano)
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Ola Rudner

13. I.
14. II.
15. III.
16. IV.

17. Mythic