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Outrageously entertaining and sumptuously recorded, this recording brings together two perennial children’s favourites and couples them with a generous selection (with chamber orchestra) of nursery rhymes with the ever-popular Kenneth McKellar. Beatrice Lillie’s narrations are a hoot and this is one of those rare recordings which uses Ogden Nash’s verses for ‘Carnival of the Animals’.

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1. Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67

CAMILLE SAINT-SAENS Carnival of the Animals – zoological fantasy (verses by Ogden Nash)
2. Introduction and Royal March of the Lions
3. Cocks and Hens
4. Wild asses
5. Tortoises
6. Elephants
7. Kangaroos
8. Aquarium
9. People with Long Ears
10. Cuckoo in the heart of the woods
11. Aviary
12. Pianists
13. Fossils
14. The Swan*
15. Finale

Beatrice Lillie, narrator
Kenneth Heath, cello*
Julius Katchen and Gary Graffman, pianos
London Symphony Orchestra
Skitch Henderson
with the co-operation of animals at London Zoo

Uncle Ken’s Nursery Rhymes (trad. arr. Sharples)
Hey diddle dumpling, my son John – London Bridge is falling down – Polly put the kettle on – Here we come gathering nuts in May – Little Jack Horner – Little Miss Muffet

Old Mother Hubbard – Jack and Jill – Three Blind Mice – Hey diddle Diddle, the cock and the fiddle – What are little boys made of – Bye Baby bunting – Ding Dong Bell – Cock-a-doodle-do – Pat-a-cake – Little boy blue – Oh where, oh where, has my little boy gone – The North wind doth blow – Three Little Kittens

Lucy Lockett – Georgie Porgie – Humpty Dumpty – There was a little Man – Ride a cock horse – Doctor Foster went to Gloucester – The Lion and the Unicorn

There was a crooked man – Simple Simon – Old King Cole – Mary, Mary quite contrary – Goosey goosey gander – There was an old Woman – Pussy cat, pussy cat – I love little pussy – Hush-a-bye Baby

Kenneth McKellar
Accompaniment directed by Robert Sharples

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