If Love's A Sweet Passion: The Prince's Musique (CD)

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Sara Macliver, Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Paul Dyer

  • Adson: Courtley Masquing Ayre No. 2
  • Banister: Go thy Way - Eccho duet
  • Coprario: Cuperaree or Grayes Inn
  • Humfrey: Where the Bee sucks
  • Jenkins, J: Antimaske
  • Johnson, R: Have you seen the bright lily grow?
  • Johnson, R: The second of the Prince's Masque
  • Lawes, H: Sweet Echo, sweetest nymph that liv’st unseen
  • Lawes, W: In Envy of the Night
  • Lawes, W: Temple Masque
  • Locke: Curtain Tune from The Tempest
  • Locke: Sarabande
  • Lupo, T: Fantasie
  • Purcell: Chaconne (from The Fairy Queen)
  • Purcell: Curtain Tune from The Fairy Queen
  • Purcell: Dance for the Chinese Man & Woman (from The Fairy Queen, Z628)
  • Purcell: Prelude (From The Fairy Queen)
  • Purcell: Symphony while the Swans come forward (from The Fairy Queen)
  • Wilson, John: Take, O take those lips away


Sara Macliver

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Paul Dyer