Edith Piaf: 100th Anniversary (20CD+Vinyl LP)

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Edith Piaf

For the first time, the classic songs of Edith Piaf have been remastered in high definition, using original vinyl pressings and master tapes. This autumn, Warner Music France celebrates the 100th birthday of La Môme with the release of the Edith Piaf 100ème Anniversaire boxset, featuring:

Deluxe packaging - Hard-cover book with a slipcase, 3 pop-ups + 20 page booklet

One 10’’ vinyl - A-Side : ‘La vie en rose’, ‘C’est de la faute à tes yeux’, ‘La fête continue’, Hymne à l’amour’. B-Side: ‘Je hais les dimanches’, ‘Padam, padam’, ‘Plus bleu que tes yeux’, ‘Jezebel’.

20 CDs remastered in high definition from the original master tapes.

More than 350 tracks, 20 hours of music.

Rare recording sessions, rehearsals, 1962 interview.

7 legendary live performances (Olympia 1955, 1958, 1961, 1962, Carnegie Hall 1956, 1957, Bobino 1963).

1 Deluxe 30-pages book featuring a new biography, various photos and three emblematic scenes from Edith Piaf’s life re-created in pop-up.


Numbered limited edition.