Strauss: Composer, Conductor, Pianist and Piano Accompanist (10CD)

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Richard Strauss

For the very first time, a 10 CD compilation sets out to pay tribute to the most importatnt German composer of the 20th century through historical recordings, illustrating all the facets of his creativity. A comprehensive accomanying booklet supplies a wealth of textural and visual information - including elucidations, data and suplimentary material.

Apart from Richard Wagner, no other German composer was the subject of such heated discussions and the target of so many caricatures at the beginning of his career as a composer Richard Strauss. The worldwide recognition enjoyed by Strauss in the decades that followed was partly based on the fact that he was one of the best conductores of his day - and was able to present his own works in full-scale, benchmark performances.

Despite two world wars and post-war turmoil, many of his works have survived the passage of time, handed down on piano rolls, discs and magnetic tape - and startng with piano recordings made in 1905 and concluding with recordings made with the eighty-year-old conductor in 1944, Strauss; works have been compiled for this 10CD set using the very latest in digital processing.

This comprehensive portrait of the artist Richard Strauss not only pays tribute to him as an interpreter of his own works however - he was particularly devoted to the compositions of Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner so that performances of these composers' orks, conducted by Richard Strauss, have aso been included in this compilation.